Wine Rage LLC was established in 2018, currently presenting special selections of fine wines. New, unknown, and offbeat wines on the west coast and beyond. The company’s purpose is to provide limited and small producer wines to customers through account programs and to consumers through online sales, access to new hard-to-find wines.

Wine regions of particular interest include Northern to Southern California and the new exotic Baja terrain, the grape varietals, viticulture and winemaking from these inspiring places. The company is unique as a boutique wine business, to increase awareness about unknown accomplished artisan winemakers from wine growing regions in the North Coast to the South Coast of California, and into Mexico!

We are venturing into Sonoma, Sacramento, Sierra Foothills, El Dorado, Paso Robles, Mexico/Valle de Guadalupe and new areas to offer fresh unfamiliar selections of wines focused on style, distinctiveness, excellent quality, value and price. The first offerings will be a variety of whites, reds and rosés. 

Our HQ is located in Southern California and is a versatile company with meeting venues in Orange County, Los Angeles, Central Coast and North Coast. Established in January 2018, it is owned and managed by Diane Triscari Bergeon.