WELCOME to Wine Rage and our Spotlight On Wine!  Our portfolio includes DB Cellars, City Cellars, several Baja Brands and small producers from Northern California to Southern California such as Borjon, KokomoRon Rubin and more.

Wine Rage is a boutique wine portfolio consisting of a curated selection of premum to ultra premium wines. Our interest is in finding California style wines of value and at the same time adding educational and appealing information for our customers. 

Our goal: Wine offerings from fresh, original, and select appellations. Based in California, Wine Rage developed from a true passion for wine, several years of networking, industry research, wine education, wine travel and building relationships with industry professionals.

Our products and services are offered to wine enthusiasts, restaurateurs, caterers, sommeliers and event planners. 

Our wine programs are designed to enlighten your senses and open your mind with exceptional, uniquely crafted wines and experiences. We offer wines that may be unknown, off-the-beaten path, for those who are eager to try something brand new! We offer both modern and old world style wines from California and beyond. Our wines vary in price, winemaking and production styles, character and maturity.

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SommList – ContactUs
This is a wine list for our licensed customer accounts, a special selection of wines designed for restaurants, chefs, caterers, and retail venues.

SpecialRequests and Events ContactUs
For your special events and social gatherings, entertain with artisan wines. We help you with the organization, invites, wine selections, food pairings and wine education. Great for holidays, family reunions, milestones and corporate parties.

Wine Rage Offers- Join
Hard-to-find wines by new savvy artisan winemakers! Become a member to receive special offers. By helping us spread the word about our wines, we give you member-only discounts on exceptional artisan wines and member-invites.  

Wine Edu and Private Tastings Make Appointment
Education on our wines is available to individuals, small groups, corporate gatherings, employee incentives, and bar staff.  Our SpotlightOnWine Program will enhance your knowledge in a non-intimidating way by a wine specialist. We teach in a business casual environment in a small private setting.  Discussions are held at specific dates and times highlighting a particular winemaker and region. Custom sessions can be scheduled in advance.